R.E.A.D. Books offers the “best of the best” among the newest titles of children’s books. Each title is carefully chosen by our team of R.E.A.D. Curators, who look for: cultural understanding, diversity and inclusion, fresh perspectives, compelling stories, engaging illustrations, enduring readability, a sense of curiousity and wonder, PLUS lots of laughter.

Book Bus Deliveries

All of our revenue generating events have, of course, been canceled, so we have over $15,000 worth of books in our office (aka Jennifer's house).  How fun would it be to order one of these books and have the Book Bus deliver it to your house?! Plus all the revenue will help cover new postage costs AND you can get a sneak peek at the super secret mural on the other side.  A win-win!!  


Books have not been touched in over a week and will be wiped down and handled with gloves for delivery. :)

The Book Bus will be closed until June 1st while we prepare for online book fairs.  Please check back at that time.  Thank you!  Questions? jsauterprice@readearlyanddaily.org


Bookshop.org is a new online bookstore with a mission to financially support independent bookstores and give back to the book community...."an indie alternative to Amazon."  When you shop through the READ portal, READ will receive 30%(!) of the revenue.  PLUS you can shop for any title, adult or children, not just those offered by READ. In fact, we are so excited by it, we are moving all of our online ordering to this portal. 


PLEASE consider using Bookshop over Amazon for all your book needs.

In the spirit of social innovation, Read Early and Daily (R.E.A.D.) has created a pop-up boutique children's bookstore, R.E.A.D. Books, to help fund its programs. The revenue from every book you buy from R.E.A.D. Books will be used to buy a new, quality, culturally relevant book for the children Read Early and Daily (R.E.A.D.) serves.  

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