Explore the lives of monarch butterflies with Ranger Rick in this Level One I Can Read with full-color wildlife photos!


What if you wished you were a monarch and then you became one? Could you transform from a caterpillar into a butterfly, and learn to fly? And would you want to? Find out!


This Level One I Can Read answers questions for beginning readers about monarch butterflies. How do caterpillars become butterflies? What do they eat? Where do they sleep? This format engages young readers by comparing and contrasting the life of the monarch to the life of the reader. For example—when explaining how monarch butterflies eat, a call-out from Ranger Rick asks: do you sip juice through a straw?


Ranger Rick explorers can learn all about monarch butterflies in this reader full of fascinating facts, vivid wildlife photographs, a Wild Words glossary, and a hands-on activity that teaches kids how to chart the life cycle of the monarch.

Ranger Rick: I Wish I Was a Monarch Butterfly

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