Give a Book, Nourish a Mind Campaign

Children facing food insecurity due to school closures are the same children who depend on schools and libraries for books. And young minds need nourishment, too – especially during this difficult time.

The good news? Over the past two weeks, Arlington nonprofit Read Early and Daily (READ) has partnered with PTAs, schools, and other nonprofits to provide nearly 600 NEW books to Arlington families seeking food assistance. READ has the infrastructure to distribute more books to kids who need them, but our supply is dwindling. Our regular funding stream, which includes a combination of online and pop-up book events and book fairs as well as fees from our community partners, such as APS and APAH, has been disrupted by COVID-19.

We need your help to support these children with books. Please consider donating $7 to READ today. Your $7 will allow READ to provide books to young children whose families visit food distribution sites or who are identified by teachers or READ’s community partners. Our goal is to serve every child in PreK through 3rd grade in need, but we can’t do this alone. Won’t you join us?


  • Food deserts and book deserts go hand-in-hand (Neuman & Moland, 2016).

  • In, 2018-19 only 53% of 3rd graders eligible for free-and-reduced meals passed the Reading SOL (VDOE, 2020).

  • Breaks in school increase achievement gaps between low-income students and their peers (Anderson, 2020).

  • Students absorb more when reading from print text rather than screen text (Barshay, 2019).

  • An adult reading a print picture book aloud is more effective than reading a picture book aloud on a tablet (Aswell, 2019; Klass, 2019) .

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