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Dear Families,

     During the Week of the Young Child, Etz Hayim has partnered with the new nonprofit
Read Early and Daily (R.E.A.D.) to create a specially curated book sale for our families. Each book offered has a story that correlates with a Jewish value. 
    In addition, the book sale offers a community service opportunity for your family. The revenue from every book bought from
R.E.A.D. Books will be used to buy a new, quality, culturally relevant book for a child in need served by R.E.A.D.        

Community Why Am I Me?                          

Courage After the Fall                     

Freedom Freedom in Congo Square   

Generation to Generation Alma and How She Got Her Name
Justice I Walk with Vanessa 
Peace in the Home The Rabbit Listened
Perseverance What If…
Protecting Animals Hello Hello 

Protecting Nature The Digger and the Flower
Repairing the World The One Day House

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